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Meet our latest Growing Bean - Ted!  This 2-year-old boy has a cheeky grin that lights up the room!  He is a little model who already knows how to strike a pose whenever his mother takes out her camera.  This smart little boy is constantly curious and eager to learn about the world around him. With his endearing personality and infectious energy, it's impossible not to fall in love with Baby Ted.

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How old was your baby when he was first featured? How old is your baby now? 

He was 3 months old when he was featured and now he is 2 years old, he just had his 2nd birthday!
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What is the most memorable moment over the past few years? 

Honestly, every moment with this little guy is memorable, fun, and a lot of work. I will say, some of the more memorable moments include: him walking, calling me mama, and just how smart and fast he's growing. 


What is the most exciting milestone? How do you record these milestones?

The most exciting milestone was him saying mama before baba/dada (haha call me selfish) but I carried him for 9 months, of course this mama wants him to call me first. I unfortunately wasn't able to record it when it first happened, but now he says it all the time, like music to my ears.  

Growing Bean Ted's drinking milk


What is one thing that your baby has changed the most?

One thing that has changed the most about him is his personality, it is shining more and more everyday. Whether it is his laugh, sense of humor, sense of care, everything about this little human is so smart and considerate beyond his age and size. 

Baby Ted laughing
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What is one thing that has never changed? 

He will always be my little mama's boy and cuddle monster. 
Baby Ted and Mum


What was that moment when you realized your little bean has grown up? What did they do and how did you feel?

The moment I realized my little one was growing up was when he was able to stack blocks all on his own and started to climb the couch before he could walk. I also realized he grew up when he started picking out what clothes he wants to wear. 


In the growth of your little beans, what do you miss the most?

I miss him being my little baby that I could carry with one arm, now he's a heavy little active bean.

What is your favourite product from The Wee Bean and why?

My favorite product from the wee bean are the bibs because they are so soft and cute and the material is so sturdy. It doesn't get him soaked with his drool and is thick to also keep him warm, also making him look like a baby pirate. 

Baby Ted in bibs
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What is your best tip/advice on motherhood?

"To enjoy every moment that you have with the little one, whether it be playing with them for 30 minutes, eating dinner with them, co-sleeping with them - ignore what other people say that feels "judgy", you do what you want to do because very soon, this little baby won't need you anymore. It's the reality of motherhood and parenthood."


About Growing Beans

A blog series to document the adventures of our little fans from around the globe. These tiny humans and their brave parents have been on this journey with us since the beginning, and we cannot imagine a more wonderful way to commemorate the growth of our brand alongside their individual journeys.

Check out our previous feature on Growing Bean Devon.

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