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Our Story

We create natural and sustainable products for you and your family

 the wee bean founders amy tang and adrian ma and their family and kids

We love being parents - from the moment we held our baby girl in our arms, we knew that nurturing her would always be our number one priority. However even with this in mind, she developed severe eczema as a baby due to external pollutants present in our everyday lives.

the wee bean founder amy tang ma with her muse and daughter sophie bean

It turns out that 60% of newborns experience eczema before the age of 1, and 30% more will experience it before the age of 5! The typical treatment for baby eczema is chemical-laden steroid creams, which we didn’t want to expose our baby to at such a young age. After seeing raw patches covering her entire body and face, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

the wee bean founder adrian ma

We started researching natural ways to treat and prevent future breakouts, from chemical-free detergents to organic fabrics. This journey inspired us to create our own collection of organic essentials which are hypoallergenic, breathable, and gentle for babies’ sensitive skin.

the wee bean founder amy tang ma

We created The Wee Bean because we wanted to help parents enjoy precious moments with their baby without having to worry about the products they are using. Our goal is to create environmentally sustainable products that balance fun and functionality, being both Kind to your baby and kind to our Earth.

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