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  • June 28, 2023 3 min read

    In a world full of filtered photos and glamour, it is not easy to find relatable creators who have an authentic voice. That's why Ziggy @zig.fitmama, a fitness influencer and mother of three, stands out in the often idealized social media landscape. Through sharing the unfiltered realities of motherhood with humour and practical tips, Ziggy has struck a chord with her followers as a relatable figure. 

    Ziggy is a fitness influencer and gym manager
    (Photo credit: @lantaolife)

    In this month's Women of TWB feature, Ziggy opens up about her fitness journey, her triumphs as a woman in business, and her determination to empower women by embracing the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

    1.  What was your dream as a little girl?

    I really wanted to be a pop-star, which is particularly funny because I can't sing or dance!

    Ziggy shares her childhood dreams with The Wee Bean
    (Photo credit:  @lantaolife)

    2.  Who is the most inspiring woman to you?

    I have so many, but I think it currently has to be Hersha Chellaram, founder of the Yama Foundation and Hersha Yoga here in Hong Kong. She is a mother and entrepreneur, but also the real deal when it comes to living the eight limbs of yoga.

    Ziggy admires Hersha, founder of Yama Foundation

    She truly gives back to families in need, whether that be wheelchair yoga or mindfulness for children. I hope to be an ounce of the teacher and human being that she is one day!

    3. How have you been able to empower other women through your business?

    In my KOL work via my social media platform, @zig.fitmama on instagram, I hope that I've been able to provide some identification with other mothers trying to juggle it all with a little bit of humour, and also highlight small momtrepreneur businesses started here in Hong Kong.

    Ziggy is a fitness influencer in Hong Kong and a loyal fan of The Wee Bean

    In my day job as a manager of a female-focused gym, Joint Dynamics Evolve, I'm just a small part of a very passionate team who have incorporated pelvic health and breast health into everything that we do, not just for prenatal and postnatal women, but for the female athlete community and menopausal population.

    Ziggy shares her empowering journey of fitness

    4. What is something you're proud of as a momtrepreneur?

    That my children still want me to tuck them in at night - there have been points over my career where I felt like I wasn't around enough or that I was spread too thin in other areas of my life trying to pursue my aspirations, but knowing that my children still wanted me was a comfort.

    Ziggy's son wrapped in The Wee Bean's organic swaddle


    5. What is the biggest challenge being a female entrepreneur in Hong Kong?

    Believing in myself is still a challenge, as is truly believing in my value and worth. That I deserve a seat at the table, or that my time is worth the same amount as a male counterpart. Sometimes, I still see myself as a junior employee despite having 10 years of experience in my industry. 

    Ziggy shares struggle as a mom-preneur in Hong Kong

    6. How do you balance your responsibilities as a mom and an entrepreneur?

    Ziggy and her team at Joint Dynamics Evolve

    I work with a team filled with other mothers, who just get it. They get it when you don't respond between 6-8pm because you're in the depths of homework, dinner, bath and bedtime. They understand when you have to take a sick day, not because you're sick but because your whole household is sick.

    Balancing work and family is never easy for mom-preneurs
    (Photo credit: @lantaolife)

    I have a partner who alternates morning drop offs with me, and who independently takes our two boys out to give me a break.

    I have an amazing helper who cares for my children when I'm at work during the day who I trust 1000%. I have a tribe, so that it isn't all on me to parent and provide.

    Ziggy's son on The Wee Bean's milestone blanket

    7. Do you have any must-have items as a momtrepreneur?

    1) A power pack for the ever depleting phone battery.

    2) Bluetooth headphones, so I can always listen to a meditation or podcast while I commute.

    A group of trusted mothers makes a good support network

    3) A group of other trusted mamas who hold space for a good vent!


    Follow Ziggy on Instagram: @zig.fitmama
    More momtrepreneur stories: Women of TWB

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