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  • July 17, 2023 4 min read

    With summer's scorching heat in full swing, you might be wondering how to keep your baby comfortable during these sweltering months. One common practice that raises questions among parents is swaddling, which involves wrapping babies in blankets or cloths. Despite knowing the numerous benefits of swaddling, many parents hesitate to wrap their little ones when the weather is hot. 

    In this article, we will address the safety of summer swaddling, help you choose the best summer swaddle blanket, and share expert tips for keeping your baby cool during the warmer seasons. Read on to learn more! 

    Organic Bamboo Blend Swaddle - Lemon Tea + Egg Tart

    Can You Swaddle Your Baby During the Summer?

    Yes, you can! While swaddling in summer may seem counterintuitive, it's not only possible but even beneficial when done with the right precautions.

    Swaddling recreates the comforting warmth and security of the womb, helping infants self-soothe and achieve better sleep.

    Swaddling on the summer is possible and beneficial to infants
    Organic bamboo swaddle from The Wee Bean

    However, swaddling in summer does present unique challenges. Infants are not yet adept at regulating their body temperature, and they cannot communicate their discomfort verbally.When dressed in excessive layers or wrapped in thick fabrics, they may become overheated, leading to discomfort and disrupted sleep. To navigate swaddling amidst the heat, the key lies in preventing overheating and selecting suitable essentials for swaddling. 

    Expert Tips on Summer Swaddling

    1. Choose the Right Summer Swaddle Blanket

    When choosing the best swaddle for summer, opt for a swaddle made of lightweight, breathable fabric like muslin, cotton, and bamboo. These materials allow for good airflow, reducing the risk of overheating.

    The Wee Bean's Boba swaddle is ideal for summer
    The blend of cotton and bamboo creates an open weave fabric that promotes airflow, allowing your baby's skin to breath (product featured: The Wee Bean's organic bamboo swaddle).

    2. Dress Your Baby for Swaddling

    When it comes to swaddling in the summer, less is more! Overdressing is a no-no, as it can lead to unpleasant overheating. A lightweight onesie, which allows their delicate skin to breath, is often sufficient for summer swaddling. 

    A thin onesie is sufficient for summer swaddling
    Product featured: Ramen organic bamboo swaddle and matching organic cotton onesie

    If your baby still seems too warm, you may swaddle them in just their diaper. Speaking of diapers, choose ones with breathable layers that gently treat your baby's skin.

    Avoid hats and socks, as babies release excess heat through their heads and feet, so there's no need to keep them too bundled up if you don't want them to overheat.

    Hats are best avoided for swaddling in the summer

    3. Check for Overheating 

    When your little one is all cozily swaddled up, it's important to keep an eye on their temperature. Gently feel their ears, neck and cheeks to gauge if their skin feels hot. If your baby starts sweating, it's your cue to take action! Simply remove a layer or switch to a lighter, more breathable swaddle that lets their skin breathe like a cool summer breeze.

    Feel your baby's neck and ears to identify signs of overheating

    Another sign of overheating is crying, which indicates discomfort. So, if the tears start flowing, pay attention to their cries and lend a helping hand to restore their cool composure.

    4. Keep a Cool Environment

    Swaddling in the summer is not just about the swaddle itself—it's about creating a refreshing sanctuary for your little sunshine. Ensure that the room temperature is comfortably cool, ideally between 68°F to 72°F (20°C to 22°C).

    Keep your room air-conditioned or use fans to keep the air circulating. A soft swaddle paired with a well-ventilated space will work wonders in preventing overheating.

    Use a black out curtain to help your baby sleep when swaddled

    For nap-time, consider using blackout curtains to block out the scorching sun and create a soothing, dim environment for your baby.

    BONUS: Beware of these misconceptions!

    "Keep the blanket loose!"

    When it comes to swaddling, regardless of the season, loose is never the way to go. We get it, you might think that a loosely wrapped blanket would be more comfortable for your baby during warmer months. But hold on! Letting that swaddle hang loose puts your little one at risk.

    While swaddling in the summer, do not keep your swaddle blanket too loose

    A loose swaddle can easily unravel and end up covering the baby's face, posing a suffocation risk. Always ensure the swaddle is snug, yet not overly tight, to create a cozy and secure environment.

    "Ditch the swaddle!"

    Another common misconception is that swaddling is exclusively for newborns. While swaddling is most commonly associated with newborns, it works wonders beyond the early months, even during the summer season. So, don't be too quick to retire that swaddle as the sun starts shining. Instead, adapt and adjust the swaddle technique to fit the changing needs of your growing little bean. 

    The Wee Bean's Organic Bamboo Blend Swaddle - Fortune Cat Maneki Neko
    Product featured: Fortune Cat organic bamboo swaddle 

    With the right fabric that won't cause overheating, you can continue to provide that soothing, secure feeling for your baby during his summer slumber. 


    Congratulations! With these summer swaddling techniques, you are now ready to conquer the swaddle game like a champ!

    The Wee Bean's Organic Bamboo Blend Swaddle - Dim Sum

    Remember, it's all about finding that perfect balance between comfort and safety. Choose lightweight, breathable swaddles for summer, dress your baby appropriately, and regularly monitor their temperature. Swaddling in summer can provide your baby with the comfort and security they need to sleep well, so go ahead and try swaddling this summer!  

    Best summer swaddle blanket

    Best-selling organic summer swaddle blanket from The Wee Bean

    If you're looking for the perfect summer swaddle, check out our best-selling organic swaddle blanket. It's lightweight, breathable, and ideal for keeping your baby comfortable and secure this summer. Click here to browse

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