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Hong Kong is home to 14,000 refugees who lack basic rights and face limited opportunities. Despite the challenges they face, many refugees in Hong Kong have shown remarkable resilience and determination. As a brand that champions humanity, we have teamed up with the Refugee Union to drive donations that will help its members. By contributing essential items for babies and children, donors will receive a special discount on The Wee Bean’s products. Discover more about the struggles of refugees in Hong Kong and how you can make a positive impact in this article.

Refugees in Hong Kong

Refugees who have sought shelter in Hong Kong are faced with numerous challenges. To start with, they are forbidden to work or even open bank accounts, which further limits their ability to provide for themselves and their families. Moreover, refugees' lack of proper identification complicates access to basic services, such as healthcare and education. Even the children of refugees who are born in Hong Kong are denied the right to permanent residency and the opportunities that come with it.

The situation is particularly grim for the younger generation. Currently, the Refugee Union of Hong Kong has over 500 children and 40 infants under 4 years old who were born to refugees in Hong Kong. These innocent young souls are forced to bear the brunt of their parents' refugee status, to no fault of their own.

While some may think that the Hong Kong government provides refugees with sufficient financial assistance, the reality is far from that. Each month, a refugee in Hong Kong receives an allowance of $1,200 for food and $1,500 for rent, which is barely enough to cover their basic needs. There is no provision for essential items such as clothing, shoes, personal care products, cleaning supplies, school materials, and medicine, all of which are crucial for basic well-being. 

The Wee Bean’s Initiative: How Can You Help?

Step 1: Donate items in need

Refugees and their children would be grateful for children’s clothing, baby milk formula, diapers, school supplies, toys, and books. Gather any of these items in good condition and drop them off at the Refugee Union’s centre. Their address is listed below.

Address: Unit E, 2/F, Lee Fung Building, 315-319 Queen’s Road Central (Sheung Wan MTR Exit A2)
Opening: Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Contact: WhatsApp +852 9828 7176

Step 2: Redeem a 10% off discount with photos of proof

To redeem a 10% discount off any purchase at The Wee Bean’s, take a photo of your donated items at Refugee Union and send it to us via email or Instagram direct message. After verifying your donation with Refugee Union, we will send you a discount code* to use at checkout. For in-store purchases, simply present the photos to redeem an instant discount.

Email: service@theweebean.com
Direct message: @theweebean

*This will not be applicable with any other offers, sales, or promo codes. The code is valid for one year.

About the Refugee Union in Hong Kong

The Refugee Union registered as a society in 2014 to connect members with Hong Kong residents and the community at large. They are currently the only refugee-led society in Hong Kong, assisting over 2,000 members from 20 countries, including over 500 children. Operating from a small centre in Sheung Wan, their members and supporters collaborate to make a collective effort. Some of the members even volunteer to provide guidance on life in Hong Kong and the process of seeking asylum. Working hand in hand with other charities in the city, the Refugee Union organizes regular donations to benefit its members in need.

The Refugee Union is entirely funded by donations. However, they are not registered with the government as an NGO because of their members’ lack of proper identification and bank accounts. To contribute, make a donation to Drink For Justice, the official charity partner of the Refugee Union, who provides them with logistical and financial support, including the handling of cash donations. Drink For Justice disburses 100% of funds to the Refugee Union of Hong Kong, all of your contribution goes to refugee support.

Donate now by visiting Refugee Union's website.
More news and updates on Instagram: @refugeeunion

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