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  • March 14, 2024 4 min read

    So you’re about to be a new mom and all types of emotions are stirring up inside: excitement, joy and worry! It can be completely daunting thinking how your life is going to change, so many thoughts are racing around your head. And to top it off you’re getting bombarded with advice from family, friends and colleagues - talk about information overload! Well take a deep breath because we’ve got you and you’ve got this! Here’s our Newborn Essentials Checklist - we’re here to save you money, time and space!


    Feeding your little one is an intimate and bonding experience. It can be done by either breast or bottle, depending on your own preference. Never feel pressured to do anything you are not comfortable with – we believe that a happy mom is top priority! For either feeding methods, the following supplies are necessary:


    • Nursing pads
    • Nipple cream
    • Nursing pillow
    • A good breast-pump
    • Milk storage bags

    Bottle feeding

    • Bottles
    • Nipples
    • Bottle brush
    • Small dishwashing basket for small items
    • Organic Bibs (and lots of it!)
    • Sterilizer (we recommend ones with a drying function!)

    Wee Bean Tip: We’re all about safety and choosing what’s best for your baby so best practice is to get glass bottles or BPA-free plastic bottles


    It’s important to create a safe and secure sleeping environment for your baby as they will spend most of their first few months sleeping…...lucky them! Here’s our top essentials:

    • Baby crib/cot 
    • Mattress for your crib
    • Organic Swaddling Blankets (babies love the womb-like feeling)
    • Baby monitor
    • Fitted crib sheets (you’ll want extras for explosive poop moments!)
    • Waterproof cover

    Wee Bean Tip: Make sure all the materials you choose are organic and free from any harmful chemicals. Also avoid crowding your baby’s cot with unnecessary bedding, soft toys or even a bumper, as this may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).


    How can someone so little make messes so big? Between puke-y moments and poop explosions, your little one will be spending quite a bit of time getting clean. So, make sure you’re fully prepared for bath time.

    • Baby bathtub
    • Baby soap/body-wash (although water is sufficient during their first months since babies don’t really get that dirty and some soaps can be drying on baby’s skin)
    • Gentle lotion or moisturizer (coconut oil is great!)
    • Organic hooded baby towels
    • Soft washcloths

    Wee Bean Tip: Baby’s skin is sensitive, and it can lose moisture up to five times faster than that of an adult. If you use baby body wash, make sure to choose one that contains all-natural ingredients. If your baby has eczema-prone skin, opt for shorter bath time and ensure the water is lukewarm at most.

    Diaper Changing

    The number of diapers you’re going to get through can be overwhelming and you’ll be quite the expert changer by end of your baby’s first year!

    • Reusable diapers or cloth diapers
    • A changing table or cushioned changing pad
    • Diaper rash cream
    • Bum wipes (cotton pads with water is nice and soothing for a baby's delicate bum)
    • Soft washcloths for baby's face 

    Wee Bean Tip: Remember little ones grow fast so don’t stock up on newborn sized diapers.


    Shopping for your newborn baby can be so exciting but resist the desire to splurge as babies grow fast, real fast. The brand name outfit you spent a lot of money on most likely won’t fit them within a month! My advice to you is to stick to the essentials and maybe splash out on cute outfits for professional photoshoots or big occasions! You’ll also likely receive clothes from family and friends and a lot of hand me downs. Stick to the necessities and save money!

    • Onesies or rompers with wide head openings or even better, with zipper or button closures (short-sleeved and long-sleeved)
    • One-piece pajamas
    • Socks
    • A wide-brimmed hat or cap (to protect from the sun)

    Wee Bean Tip:  Wash your baby’s clothes with scent-free, dye-free laundry to ensure your baby's delicate skin won't be irritated by added chemicals.


    Going out and about with your little one for the first time can be a daunting experience especially as a new mom. The number of people rushing about and things like stairs can cause a panic. However, take a deep breath and get well prepared for it. Whether you’re heading out for a short stroll in the park or a long road trip, here’s what you should include in your baby’s travel checklist:

    • Car seat (if you own a car)
    • Stroller
    • Baby carrier
    • Diaper Bag

    Wee Bean Tip:  There are baby carriers with a hip seat which are great for long-distance walks as it puts less strain on your body. Be sure to go to the store and try on a view before making any purchases!

    Other Must-Haves

    Besides the above, here are some other essential items we think you should add to your list so that you can give your little bean the best care:

    • Baby nail clippers (there are electric ones that can sand down your newborn’s nails which is a great option to start with since clippers can be a bit intimidating to start!)
    • Baby thermometer
    • First-aid kit
    • Pacifiers
    • Natural Teething Toys

    That completes our newborn essentials list, it literally is just the essentials! Of course, feel free to purchase some fun stuff like toys, vibrating chairs and books but just don’t go overboard! Your baby will grow and change so fast and expect to receive plenty of these items gifts from friends and family. We hope this newborn baby checklist has prepared you to welcome your little one! Once you have all the items on the list, you can sit back peacefully knowing you’re fully prepared to meet your little one!

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