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The spooky season is upon us………. Happy Halloween guys! Time to hang up the cobwebs and source out the cutest outfits for your little one! Halloween is such a fun festival for the whole family to enjoy but it’s also one that involves a lot of candy and sugary treats. We are sharing our favorite Halloween snacks that are both healthy and easy to prepare. So instead of your child looking at you like the big, bad villain who stole all the Halloween candy, they’ll be totally loving these delicious and nutritious snacks. You’ll be the coolest mom on the block!

halloween healthy treats yogurt banana popsicle ghosts

1. Banana Ghosts

Simply cut a banana in half, dip it in some natural yogurt, decorate with mini chocolate chips (or raisins!) as eyes and mouth and pop it in the freezer. They’re aesthetically pleasing, super quick to prepare and taste delicious too! A win for everyone! (Recipe via Mom’s Kitchen Handbook)


halloween healthy treats zombie deviled egg brains

2. Deviled Egg Brains

Eggs are an excellent source of iron and a nutritious source of protein, fat, Vitamins A, D, E, B12 and choline! All you need for this one is some good ol’ eggs, mustard, mayonnaise (or yogurt!) and some red food coloring. Eat your brains out! (Recipe via Brit + Co.)


healthy halloween kids toddler baby treats apple peanut butter strawberries monster

3. Apple Monster Teeth

For this you will need to cut an apple into quarters, remove the seeds and remove a wedge from each. Then fill with some natural nut butter. Place sunflower seeds between the two slices as the teeth with a sliced strawberry as the tongue.  Add a pair of googly eyes (frozen yogurt + a raisin will do the job) and voila you’re done! (Recipe via Fork and Beans)


healthy halloween kids toddler baby treats spider pizza

4. Spider Pizza Bites

You can buy pre-made pizza dough at the supermarket or simply make your own (we love this super easy and healthy 2 ingredient pizza dough recipe!), then decorate by using black olives as the ‘spider’.  Cut the olive in half, place one half in the center of the pizza as the body and cut the other half into the legs. Your little one will definitely love this one! (Recipe via Tip Buzz)


healthy halloween kids toddler baby treats cheese pretzel witches broom

5. Witches Broom and Pretzels

They’re so easy to prepare and look very Halloween festive, all you need is cheese string and pretzels! Cut the cheese string into four equal pieces then fray the bottom to create the “broom” effect. Put a pretzel into the unfrayed end and you’re done! (Recipe via Ricardo Cuisine)


 healthy halloween kids toddler baby treats zombie avocado toast

6. Zombie Avocado Toast

Get to mashing your avocados and spread all over your toast! It’s a fun activity for the kids too as they can help you decorate the faces with cherry tomatoes, seaweed and olives! Let your imagination run wild!  (recipe via Brit + Co.)


healthy halloween kids toddler baby treats orange celery pumpkin

7. Orange Pumpkins

Little mandarins or clementines can be easily turned into little pumpkins with just a simple stalk of celery poked in the top! No effort necessary! (Recipe via A Thrifty Mom)


healthy halloween kids toddler baby treats yogurt strawberry ghosts

8. Strawberry Ghosts

Continuing the fruit theme, dip strawberries in natural yogurt and use raisins for eyes. Your kids will love them! (Recipe via Sainsbury)


healthy halloween kids toddler baby treats ghost milk

9. Ghost Milk

You’ll need clear glasses and fill them up with milk. Then for the ‘ghost’ look, use black stickers or a black washable marker to draw eyes and a mouth on the glasses.  Add a fun Halloween straw (we love these cute biodegradable ones!) and watch the kids happily slurp this milk down! (Photo via LoveToBeInTheKitchen)


healthy halloween kids toddler baby treats sweet potato cinnamon pumpkin

10. Jack-o'-Lantern Sweet Potato Fries

Who doesn’t love some fries? The kids will be sure to stuff these down and most likely you too. You’ll need mini cookie cutters or a sharp small knife to cut jack-o-lantern faces, stars, and pumpkins into the center of each sweet potato slice. Then put them straight in the oven and sprinkle with some cinnamon! A yummy and nutritious snack. Happy faces all around. (Recipe from Parade)

These are some of our favorite Halloween treats! Halloween and healthy don’t usually go hand in hand but we are determined to protect our kids from excessive amounts of sugar, corn syrup, and artificial flavors. Your kids will absolutely love these fun and healthy snacks and will be begging for more. They’re perfect for Halloween parties, class treats, or just having some Halloween fun with your family!

Let us know of any other fun recipes you have in the comment box! Happy Halloween!

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