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  • August 30, 2023 3 min read

    Get ready to be charmed by another chapter in our "Growing Beans" series! Time truly does fly – Reggie, who was our adorable Bean of the Month in Dec 2020, has now blossomed into a spirited 3-year-old! From his first steps to his first endearing words, every moment has been a treasure for Reggie and his family. And hold onto your excitement – there's a new adventure on the horizon as Reggie prepares to welcome a sibling! 

    Growing bean Reggie
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    How old was your baby when he was featured in our Bean of the Month? How old is your baby now?

    Reggie was about 4 months old. He is 3 years old now!

    What is the most memorable moment over the past few years?

    The most memorable moment would be seeing my son grow up into the “little man” he is now.

    Growing bean Reggie at 4 months old

    What is the most exciting milestone? 

    The most exciting milestone would be him talking! My son has a speech delay, so he has been seeing a speech therapist since he was about 15 months old. Therefore, when he was able to say “mama” and “dada”, it was the most exciting thing for the whole family! 

    Growing bean Reggie in The Wee Bean's organic tee

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    What is one thing that your baby has changed the most?

    His little personality. He is more outgoing and sociable now.

    Growing bean Reggie is now 3 years old
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    What is one thing that never changed?

    His carefulness.

    What was the moment when you realized your little bean has grown up? What did they do and how did you feel?

    When I saw how he treated other little babies, that’s when I noticed, “Oh my, you are so gentle with the little ones. You are going to be the best older brother/gor gor!” (Yes, we are expecting! Here comes another little bean!)

    Reggie is becoming a big brother soon

    Now that your little bean has grown up a bit, what do you miss the most from his early years?

    His little crawl!

    What is your favorite product from The Wee Bean now and why?

    Our all-time favorite is definitely the organic swaddle blanket. My son has been using the dimsum and boba swaddles since he was born, and now that he is 3, he still drags them around the house and tries to swaddle our cat with it. We recently upgraded his blanket to the fleece sensory blanket, and he really likes it! He loves to touch the “dots” behind it, and it helps him fall asleep.

    Reggie's sensory blanket
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    What's your best tip/advice on motherhood now?

    Don’t panic, it’s never easy. Every stage comes with its own challenges and difficulties, but just know that it will get better and easier. Those sleepless, worrying nights will all be worth it! Think of your little one’s smiles and success, and it will all be worth it. And one more thing: just let them play and have fun, let them be a kid, the clean-up can happen later!


    About Growing Beans

    A blog series to document the adventures of our little fans from around the globe. These tiny humans and their brave parents have been on this journey with us since the beginning, and we cannot imagine a more wonderful way to commemorate the growth of our brand alongside their individual journeys.

    Check out our previous feature on Growing Bean Ethan.

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