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  • February 20, 2024 4 min read

    White Rabbit Candy, a delightful and iconic Chinese treat, has been capturing hearts (and taste buds) globally for generations. Known for its sweet, creamy flavor and edible rice paper, this soothing candy evokes memories of carefree childhood days. As a brand that celebrates fun and functionality, The Wee Bean draws inspiration from the nostalgic magic of White Rabbit Candy to create organic apparel and gifts that capture that same sense of nostalgia, while catering to the sensitive skin of little ones with eczema.

    White bunny candy rattle doll

    In this article, we'll hop down memory lane to learn more about White Rabbit Candy's rich history, its enduring global popularity, and how it has inspired The Wee Bean's line of delightful, eco-friendly apparel and gifts for children. Embrace the fusion of modern functionality and timeless charm, and prepare your little one for a cozy journey into a world of wonder and nostalgia.

    White Rabbit Candy: A Rich History and Unwrapping Nostalgia

    1. The Birth of White Rabbit Candy

    Born in the 1950s, White Rabbit Candy was created by the ABC Candy Factory in Shanghai, China. It was initially called "ABC Mickey Mouse Candy" and featured an image of Mickey Mouse on its packaging. Later, due to political changes, the company altered the name and design, adopting the iconic White Rabbit logo and Golden Sycee (a gold ingot representing wealth) that we know today.


    2. A Gift for the World: White Rabbit Goes Global

    White Rabbit Candy gained international fame in 1972 when Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai presented it as a gift to visiting American President Richard Nixon. Since then, the candy has become a symbol of Chinese hospitality and a nostalgic treat for many around the world. As it reached global shores, White Rabbit was embraced by various cultures, becoming a beloved sweet treat shared by families across generations.

    3. Unwrapping the Secret: Making & Ingredients of White Rabbit Candy

    White Rabbit Candy's unique and enticing flavor comes from an irresistible combination of ingredients and a distinct production process. The recipe centers around the fusion of New Zealand milk, sugar, and natural flavors. White Rabbit's characteristic chewy texture is achieved through the sticky rice paper wrapping, which is made from glutinous rice, corn starch, and edible vegetable oil. The concoction is prepared using traditional candy making techniques, involving boiling, kneading, and pulling the ingredients to form a smooth and chewy consistency a process that requires both skill and mastery.

    White Rabbit Candy Matching T-Shirt

    4. White Rabbit Candy and Chinese Festivals

    White Rabbit's enduring appeal has led to its incorporation into various Chinese festivals and celebrations. Boasting its association with good fortune and abundance, the candy has become an integral part of Chinese New Year festivities and the popular Mid-Autumn Festival. On these occasions, the sweet treat is gifted, shared, and consumed, signifying a wish for happiness and prosperity in the coming year.

    5. Nostalgic White Rabbit-themed Onesie: Merging Comfort and a Touch of the Past

    Capturing the nostalgic essence of White Rabbit Candy, The Wee Bean has crafted an organic cotton baby onesie that showcases the iconic candy design while maintaining the brand's commitment to sensitive skin and eczema-friendly materials. This charming onesie not only recalls a piece of cultural history but also demonstrates that you don't have to choose between style and practicality when it comes to your little one's clothing. The Wee Bean's White Bunny Candy onesie seamlessly combines comfort, durability, and a hint of nostalgia to create a genuinely unique garment for your child.

    Organic Onesie in White Bunny Candy Pattern

    6. Maintaining Your White Rabbit-inspired Onesie

    Caring for a nostalgic onesie like the White Rabbit-inspired design entails a focus on preserving its vibrant colors and maintaining the garment's integrity for sensitive skin. To ensure this, follow these essential tips:

    • Wash Before Use: Washing the onesie before first use will remove any possible residue from the manufacturing process.
    • Choose Gentle Detergents: Opt for mild, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic detergents to maintain the fabric's delicate nature and avoid irritation to your baby's skin.
    • Wash with Like Colors: Wash the garment with similar colors to maintain vibrancy and prevent colors from bleeding onto other items.
    • Avoid Bleach and Fabric Softeners: These can harm the fabric, compromise organic materials, and irritate sensitive skin. Instead, choose natural alternatives like vinegar or baking soda when necessary.
    • Dry with Care: Allow the onesie to air dry or use a low-heat setting in the dryer to avoid shrinkage and preserve its softness.
    Asian themed swaddle and baby clothing

    7. Creating a White Rabbit Candy-Inspired Nursery

    A White Rabbit-themed nursery not only celebrates the nostalgic appeal of the candy but also provides a space that is both soothing and aesthetically pleasing. Some ideas for incorporating the candy's iconic imagery into your nursery décor include:

    • Wall Art: Adorning the nursery walls with tasteful White Rabbit-inspired art or prints will create a visually-appealing atmosphere. Vintage White Rabbit Candy advertisements or posters can add a unique touch.
    • Bedding and Blankets: Choose crib sheets, blankets, and pillows that display White Rabbit imagery, or opt for coordinating colors to complement the theme.
    • Storage Options: Decorate storage bins or containers with White Rabbit stickers, labels, or artwork to create a cohesive and organized space.
    • DIY Decor: Tap into your creative side and craft handmade decorations, such as garlands or mobiles, that reflect the White Rabbit Candy theme.

    Bring Home the Nostalgia with The Wee Bean's White Rabbit Collection

    Integrating the history and nostalgia of White Rabbit Candy into your child's wardrobe and nursery fosters a meaningful connection to cultural icons and cherished memories that transcend generations. Embrace the nostalgic charm and comforting appeal of this timeless delight, knowing that you have made a stylish and practical choice for your little one.

    Big Welcome Home Baby Gift Set - Bunny Candy Collection

    With The Wee Bean's White Rabbit Candy-inspired collection, you can introduce your child to this iconic candy's history through comfortable, organic, and eco-friendly apparel and décor that cater to children with sensitive skin and eczema. Discover our charming and nostalgic White Bunny onesie, designed to make your baby's wardrobe as sweet as the candy it is inspired by. Explore our collection today and bring the magic of White Rabbit Candy into your child's life, creating a cherished connection spanning generations!

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