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  • November 09, 2022 3 min read

    We're so excited to be partnering with CASETiFY to bring our Taste of Hong Kong collection to tech accessory lovers!  There's a wide selection of adorable tech accessories that match our baby/children's collections so all you parents can get your matching game on!  Or simply enjoy our designs if they bring back nostalgic memories of your childhood.  We hope you love our collection as much as we loved creating them!

    Read on to learn more about our design inspiration behind this collab! 


    Where are you from and how does that affect your work?

    Having been raised in Canada and now based in Hong Kong, we were exposed to a mixture of both Eastern & Western ways of life. The main connection to our roots was through the food that our families made for us. We can recall from childhood many family meals together filled with Asian flavors from our families’ heritage. This sense of family, food and love for all things green plays a big part in our design aesthetics as we try to showcase our passion and memories through our Asian-inspired prints. As a baby & kids fashion brand specializing in organic textiles and sustainable practices, we hope our designs can take our customers down memory lane to relive those warm and fuzzy nostalgic moments.

    Founders' Family


    Who are your biggest creative/artistic influences?

    As neither of us had a formal fine arts education or design background, most of our creative influence came from our everyday lives. The cute personalities are really influenced by fond memories of Saturday morning cartoons and books like the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves. Now that we have children of our own, we are influenced by the children’s stories we read to our kids, and of course we cannot forget Walt Disney, which inspired us to bring life to inanimate objects.


    Where do you find your creative inspiration?

    Our two little kiddos are our biggest muses. Not only do we get ideas through their vivid imagination and their love for food & different cultures, but they also inspire us to share our own childhood with them and keep certain traditions going. Our goal is that through our memories and through travel, we will not only open up their worldview but also we can experience everything again through their innocent minds.

    sophie and liam eating buns


    Does art help you in other areas of your life?

    Certainly! Many people think art is only confined to what you see in museums and exhibitions, but to us art is simply a form of creative expression. For our business, everyday we are using art to communicate what our brand is about, from social media posts and website design, down to our collaterals and business cards. In our personal life, we're happy to say that our daughter has taken a liking to all forms of art. She loves painting, coloring. sculpting with play-doh, etc..and we’re happy we can share this journey with her as she grows up.


    What inspired your CASETiFY collection?

    We always go to our happy place from our own childhood for inspiration, such as our signature Dim Sum character which reminds us of weekly Sunday family yum-cha outings. Our Bubbly Boba character was inspired by Amy's craving for bubble tea during her entire pregnancy, reminding us of this beautiful yet chaotic moment in our lives. Our brand is about family and love and we hope others can relive pieces of their own memories through our designs.

    CASTiFY X TWB Collection


    What is your CASETiFY collection theme?

    Taste of Hong Kong - taking you down food memory lane to relive yummy moments with your favorite nostalgic eats

    lemon tea and egg tart iphone case the wee bean 


    Use three words to describe your CASETiFY collection

    Cute, Nostalgic, Tasty


    Which design is your favorite from your CASETiFY collection? And why?

    Dim Sum! Not only is it the design that started it all, but also reminds us of Sunday family yum cha days! It’s something we know many families can relate to!

    Dim Sum CASETiFY Collection


    What is your next art/creative project?

    We’ve just completed our next foodie collection - Taste of Japan, which pays homage to one of our favorite travel destinations. It’s a city we want to experience as a family and share with our kiddos, but unfortunately during COVID it was very difficult to travel. So we decided instead of going to Japan, we would bring food memories from our pre-pandemic trips to Japan to all of our fans! As for what's next? We have several super exciting ideas up our sleeves. lt will most likely be another "Taste of.." collection, but with a little twist :)

    white bunny rabbit candy iphone case


    Click here to check out our full TWB x CASETiFY collection!

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