Bean Of The Month - October 2020

Our October Bean of the Month comes from Manila, Philippines! We've been getting tons of pictures of Baby Samy from her mommy Bong (@bdrchua) and we couldn't help but share this cutie with our community. Baby Sammy just turned 7 months old and looks like a little fashionista in our bibs.
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Bean Of The Month - September 2020

Our September Bean of the Month comes all the way from sunny California! Baby K is almost 8 months old and already learning about a healthy and active lifestyle from his mommy Shannon (@caligirlgetsfit). Read on to find out more about how they like to spend their time in beautiful Northern California!
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Bean of the Month - August 2020

Our August Bean of the Month is a total Boba Bae! This month's submission comes from beautiful baby Layla Wong and her mommy (@stbbt_326). Layla has just turned 3 months old and already well trained in the art of BBT! 
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本月提交的資料來自瑪格麗特(@瑪格麗特洛龍) 通過Instagram,她的男嬰名叫馬庫斯·埃利亞斯·王(Markus Elias Wong),他才2個月大。我們聯系了這位有兩個孩子的新媽媽,看看她在這個前所未有的時代如何處理一個新生兒和一個蹣跚學步的孩子
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本月的提交來自朱莉安娜(@ jlo923) 通過Instagram。她剛出生的嬰兒Asher不到一個月大,與丈夫歡聚一堂歡樂之家相比,丈夫慶祝父親節的更好方法是
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每个月,我们都会挑选一个婴儿作为我们的"月豆"。这种特别的小豆豆将获得港币50元的奖励.本月提交的文件来自 @ohgeerayday和她美丽的婴儿Raydene通过Instagram。
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