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pregnant woman hong kongMOMMY ON A MISSION 

The Wee Bean was established by our Founder Amy, a Canadian mama who was inspired by her little muse, Sophie Bean. Being a first-time parent can be joyous but nerve-racking at the same time. Even when you try your best to follow all the tips and advice out there, things don’t always go smoothly. This is what Amy encountered when her newborn developed severe eczema. Since it was so stressful and heartbreaking to see her baby affected with angry-looking red patches, Amy was determined to protect her baby’s skin and dedicated herself to researching the best products and materials to use. She found that all natural materials and fabrics were the best treatment for a baby’s delicate skin and this motivated her to develop The Wee Bean.

Our brand focuses on essential items made from premium materials. We balance fun and functionality with cute prints that are created with the modern mama in mind. As a first-time parent, the list of things to get for your baby can be overwhelming. We ensure that our products are on most parents’ must-have list!


We stand by our products and happily use them for our own babies! We produce baby essentials, each designed with great attention to detail and are seriously cute! Our products make perfect gifts for parents and baby showers. Amy and her team are involved in the production process every step of the way - we strive to find the best materials and the most adorable designs. Our signature swaddles are known for being heavenly soft...you’ve got to feel it to believe it!


These three core values inspire our company and we are passionate about creating a healthy world that our children can inherit. Our products are made ethically with a focus on sustainability. They are designed to grow with your baby and to last a lifetime so that they can be passed on generationally. We also work with amazing mothers in rural Bangladesh who make our exclusive Wee Bean Baby Rattle Dolls. We want to make a positive difference and thus our goal is to share our journey and knowledge with other parents and to create worry-free, quality products that can be enjoyed around the world.

We would love to see your wee one in our products! Please tag us @theweebean to get featured. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to come and say hello on our Instagram and Facebook!


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