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The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, lots of Christmas cheer and family fun is in the atmosphere. This time of the year is great for making traditions and memories. It’s such a beautiful bonding time with your little one and what we love to do is make Christmas themed arts and crafts. It’s a great way of passing time during the holidays and a way to get into the Christmas spirit. It’s so important that we keep our children’s minds activated and stimulated, especially in our world full of ipads! This can be an activity you choose to do just the two of you or invite some friends and family round to join in the fun! Here are some of our favorite little crafts that you can try out. They’re guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face and get you into the Christmas spirit!

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Kids Toddler Crafts DIY Activity

1. Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

Paper plates are not just for getting you out of washing up but for Christmas crafts too. Turn that mundane plate into a beautiful Christmas tree! It’s a simple activity to enjoy with the kids! The best part is decorating your tree, feel free to jazz it up with glitter and stickers, then sit back and admire your masterpiece.

Get the tutorial: Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft


Christmas Popsicle Tree Snowman Reindeer Gingerbread Man Penguin Kids Toddler Crafts DIY Activity

2. Christmas Popsicle Stick

We cannot get over how cute these little Christmas crafts are! There are guaranteed to bring a splash of holiday cheer to your home. Simply glue popsicles together and use paint, ribbon and other little pieces to transform them into Santa, Rudolph or a snowman! Your kids will love doing this and will feel super proud of themselves when they see the finished result!

Get the tutorial: Christmas Popsicle Stick Craft


grinch christmas handmade DIY slime kids Toddler Crafts Activity

3. Grinch Slime Craft

Slime seems to be all the rage with kids now! They cannot seem to get enough of the texture, so let’s turn ordinary slime into Christmas slime!  Jazz it up with some glitter and red hearts and hey presto you have Grinch slime! You can even incorporate reading and learning about the story of the Grinch into this activity.

Get the tutorial: Grinch Slime Craft


toilet paper roll snowman kids Toddler Crafts DIY Activity

4. Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Save that toilet roll and turn it into the cutest little snowman ever!! All you need is some ribbon, markers, festive pipe cleaners and some glue. Put them all together and voila you have a snowman on your hands! It’s a quick and easy craft for all ages!

Get the tutorial: Toilet Paper Roll Snowman


handprint paper reindeer kids Toddler Crafts DIY christmas holiday Activity

5. Handprint Santa and Reindeer Craft

This is a cheap and cheerful craft to make! All that is required is some colored card paper, a glue stick, scissors, black marker and your hands! It’s a sure way to bring some Christmas cheer to the house, you can stick your Santa’s and reindeers up as part of your festive decorations.  

Get the tutorial: Handprint Santa and Reindeer Craft


reindeer project yogurt cup  kids Toddler Crafts DIY christmas holiday Activity

6. Yogurt Cup Rudolph

It’s funny how you can turn a mundane item into a cute Christmas piece and this time we’re turning a plastic cup into the cutest reindeer! Your kids will have lots of fun transforming this ordinary cup using paints, pipe cleaners, and other recycled bits. It makes a wonderful centerpiece and is an hour well spent with your little one.

Get the tutorial: Yogurt Cup Rudolph


sock puppet christmas snowman  kids Toddler Crafts DIY christmas holiday Activity

7. Sock Snowman

We always have a lone sock or two hanging around and now we can put them to good use by making a sock snowman! Fill the sock with uncooked rice and strategically place a rubber band so it looks like a snowman! Then decorate by drawing a cute face and sewing on buttons/scarf.

Get the tutorial: Sock Snowman


cinnamon sticks christmas tree ornaments  kids Toddler Crafts DIY christmas holiday Activity

8. Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments

Not only do they look good, but they smell good too! Get your little ones to tie bright ribbons to a cinnamon stick so that they form the shape of a tree. Don’t forget to add a bow to the top!

Get the tutorial: Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments


handprint paper christmas xmas wreath  kids Toddler Crafts DIY christmas holiday Activity

9. Handprint Christmas Wreath

Your hands come in handy for this craft! This Christmas wreath is so easy to create and looks lovely hanging on bedroom doors. Just trace hands on a piece of paper, cut them out and fashion them into a circle. Add any extra details you want, such as berries or bows.

Get the tutorial: Handprint Christmas Wreath


cork reindeer ornament project  kids Toddler Crafts DIY christmas holiday Activity

10. Cork Reindeer Ornament

Use the old to create the new! Turn your old corks into fresh new reindeer faces that’ll look charming on your tree. Simply use sparkly pipe cleaners as the antlers and a pom-pom as the nose and your cork will resemble Rudolf in no time. Your little ones will be feeling super proud of their little creation.

Get the tutorial: Cork Reindeer Ornament


We sincerely hope that you enjoy making these crafts with your children! Christmas is truly the time of making memories and spending time with the ones you love. Plus, these wonderful Christmas crafts will look charming in your home and instill a sense of pride and confidence in your child that their work is on display for all to see! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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