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Natural ingredients are made for a baby’s delicate skin. When it comes to baby skincare, gentle is best since it is very easy to irritate their sensitive skin. The moment our little one is welcomed into the world, they are exposed to daily irritants, such as environmental pollutants, which can have a negative impact on their health and highly absorbent skin. When I first became a mom, I was overwhelmed with the various brands on the market and after seeing my baby develop severe eczema, I realised that many of these products can contact potentially harmful ingredients and artificial fragrances that can cause such eczema outbreaks and also rashes, allergic skin reaction and other skin irritations. The good news is that opting for natural and hypoallergenic ingredients is one of the best ways to care for and prevent these skin conditions and it’s a wonderful way to protect and nourish your baby’s delicate skin. Here’s our top list of ingredients that we love:

1) Calendula

The calendula flower has been celebrated for its calming, regenerative and antibacterial properties. In addition to being wonderfully moisturising, it also has anti-inflammatory elements to help speed wound healing, such as cuts, scrapes and burns. We’ve used this ourselves in homemade creams as well as store-bought such as California Baby’s Calendula Cream (one of our household favs!).
P.S. Calendula oil also does wonders for a mama or mama-to-be! Kim Kardashian’s favorite stretch mark remedy, Bio Oil, contains calendula oil, which has been proven to help stimulate skin cell turnover and encourage the renewal of skin, helping to reduce scare tissue.

2) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has got to be one of the most versatile and natural products out there. As an adult I swear by this as moisturizer for my skin and the good news is that you can share it with your baby too! It’s mild, keeps their skin hydrated and doesn’t penetrate too deeply into the skin. It can be found in diaper creams, baby sun care and baby skin care because it works magic in strengthening the outer layer of your baby’s skin. It is high in vitamin E and lauric acid and possesses natural antibacterial benefits which helps sooth diaper rashes, skin blemishes, baby acne as well as eczema outbreaks.

3) Avocado Oil

Another top oil on this list – eating avocados are not just great for your health, but using this oil on your baby’s skin has many benefits. It’s non-greasy and fast-absorbing, has antioxidant properties and is an excellent source of skin-repairing fatty acids. It’s a wonderful organic ingredient to help moisturize yours and your baby’s skin.

4) Shea Butter

If we had to list all the benefits of shea butter, this post would be never ending! But to quickly sum it up it’s a wonderful moisturizer thanks to the fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that it contains. It is rich, creamy making is a great choice to incorporate in your baby’s daily skin care routine. Not only that, it’s anti-inflammatory and helps soothe even the most sensitive of skins. It is high in vitamins A and E and also helps promote collagen production (perfect for all mamas!). It’s especially great in natural diaper cream or daily lotion as it will create a protective barrier on your baby's skin. It’s also great as a soap and mild enough for daily use, so don’t worry about your baby’s skin drying out further.

5) Chamomile

First word that springs to mind is calming, second word….tea! But no, this is not for your baby to drink. It’s for their skin and is especially great in body wash or shampoo. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it will soothe any soreness/rashes and reduce redness. And even better it’s a natural relaxant!  Give your baby a little chamomile bath before bed, it calms all their senses and they’ll be out like a light. And if you’re lucky, you can catch some uninterrupted zzzzzz’s too!

6) Colloidal Oatmeal

Colloidal oatmeal is an amazing natural ingredient where, used daily, it can noticeably help restore your baby’s skin moisture balance by forming a protective waterproof barrier for areas that are easily prone to dryness and irritation. The great thing about this ingredient is that it helps reduce itching making it a wonderful treatment for treating your baby’s dry skin and diaper rashes. A colloidal oatmeal soak bath not helps sooth your baby’s skin but will be sure to prep your baby for a heavenly sleep!

7) Zinc Oxide

We’re a big fan of zinc used in diaper creams as it’s effective and perfect for a baby’s delicate skin. The skin mineral, zinc, works by creating an impermeable barrier to protect your baby’s sensitive bottom after changes and baths. You will also find this ingredient in many sunscreens as it naturally helps protect skin from UVA/UVB rays making it suitable for both babies and expectant moms.            

When it comes to you and your baby’s skin, it’s always best to do some research so you know what ingredients are actually in a product. Do bear in mind though, that even natural ingredients can cause an allergic reason in some babies so when using any baby product, it’s always best to keep a cautious eye on how your baby’s skin reacts to a new ingredient.  That being said, with so many wonderfully natural ingredients out there, any product with additives, fillers, or other chemical components seem very unnecessary! So use a natural product that includes one or more of these ingredients in your baby’s daily skin care routine – you’ll be keeping it luscious and soft, the way nature intended!

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