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For this feature of Growing Beans, we have 4-year-old Scout who steals people's hearts with her bright smile and cheerful character. While she's grown a lot over the past few years, her charm that won us over hasn't changed. 

Meet our little bean from Australia - Scout!

Growing Bean's Scout with Dim Sum Blanket

How old was your baby when she was cast for our photoshoot? How old is your baby now? 

I can’t remember when the shoot was! I think Scout was about 6 months old. She is now about to turn 4! (DOB 8 December 2018)


What is the most memorable moment over the past few years? 

Scout is just such a happy kid, she is always smiling and coming up with very funny comments. She also loves telling jokes. 

Growing Bean's Scout in Egg Tart Tee

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What is the most exciting milestone? How do you record these milestones?

Scout was so excited when she was finally old enough to go to Kindy! She was so feeling left out as her big sister was always going and she was never old enough to stay. 

What is one thing that your baby has changed the most?

She is always eating and growing! She loves food, especially soup noodles and dumplings, and never stops eating! 

Scout's in Egg Tart Bib

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What is one thing that has never changed? 

She is always happy. 

Growing Bean's Scout in Egg Tart Tee


What is your favourite product from The Wee Bean and why?

I love the baby wraps because they are so soft, and all the pictures are just so cute! 

Scout with Dim Sum Swaddle

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What is your best tip/advice on motherhood?

Don’t listen to all the advice, just follow your instinct and do what is best for your family. 

Growing Bean Scout 


About Growing Beans

A blog series to document the adventures of our little fans from around the globe. These tiny humans and their brave parents have been on this journey with us since the beginning, and we cannot imagine a more wonderful way to commemorate the growth of our brand alongside their individual journeys.

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