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Our November Bean Of The Month is from our hometown of Hong Kong!  Baby Tobias just turned 1 year old and his Mommy is from one of our favorite cities in the world - Vancouver, Canada!  Thanks to Mommy (@bethie_me) for sharing her favorite products for new parents and some of the best outdoor places to bring your baby for a stroll in Hong Kong.

beth and baby Tobias the wee bean of the month november 2022


TWB: Where are you from and can you tell us a little bit more about your family?  

@bethie_me:  I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and moved to Hong Kong when I graduated from university. I met my husband in Hong Kong 9 years ago and we got married in the middle of the pandemic! We are now working together to build an e-commerce business while raising our little boy.


TWB: What is your favourite product from The Wee Bean and why?

@bethie_me:  The bamboo blend swaddle is super soft and kept our baby warm and snug in those early months. The organic cotton bib was my favorite out of all our bibs. It is easy to put on and catches Tobias' drool, especially when he's teething! The milestone blanket is adorable and we loved capturing our baby's monthly growth during the first year!

tobias on the wee bean sugar mama milestone blanket


TWB: What are your must-have items that you would recommend for first time moms?

@bethie_me:  Breastfeeding was a big challenge for me and having the right gear goes a long way. A good breastfeeding pillow makes the experience more comfortable for both mom and baby. I also recommend a comfy recliner chair with good back and neck support because you will spend a lot of time sitting with the baby!

baby tobias on sugar milestone blanket the wee bean


TWB: What is your favourite activity with your baby?

@bethie_me:  Tobias and I go on 30-minute walks almost every day. Our baby loves being outdoors and looking at the greenery. It also helps me fit some exercise into my daily routine.


TWB: What are the most baby-friendly places to go in your city?

@bethie_me:  Tobias is the happiest when he is outside, so we love going to waterfront areas. Hong Kong Science Park is one of our favourite places with many restaurant options. We also frequently visit The Dockyard in Kerry Hotel and K11 Musea and enjoy walking along the promenade.


TWB: After a long day, what’s your favourite way to unwind?

@bethie_me:  If the baby is asleep, I like to end my day with a relaxing stretch on my yoga mat and a quiet evening meditation.


TWB: Your best tip/advice on motherhood?

@bethie_me:  You are the best parent for your child! It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the information and advice from the internet, friends and family. I believe that you have to trust your instincts and try to understand what your baby needs from your observation.

bean of the month november 2022 tobias



*Bean of the Month Series* - Every month, we select a baby to feature as our Bean of the Month and this special little Bean will receive a prize of HK$50 off their next purchase.

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