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I am 2 months into my first stint as a mother and what a rollercoaster journey it’s been! During my nine months of pregnancy, there were definitely some ups and downs. Some days, I would feel energetic and positive, wanting to maintain healthy habits for my baby. On other days, I felt far from beautiful with all the aches and pains, the heartburn and gas (yes, you will get very gassy!). It’s easy to let the bad days consume you, but when you realize that you are creating a little human inside your belly, everything is put into perspective.


jellybean and her best friend bearbear

As a new parent to a beautiful baby girl, my first months were overwhelming, to say the least. The most amazing and surprising part was that I immediately fell in love with my baby, Jellybean. All I wanted to do was stare at her cute, chubby face every waking second. It left me feeling completely naked and vulnerable because I had never experienced a relationship like this before. My motherly instincts kicked in full throttle and I literally did not want anyone holding her - she’s my baby! Yes, looking back now I realize I was slightly overprotective.

Like most new moms, I read numerous parenting books and even attended several classes with the hubby but none of the information really sunk in. Before your baby pops out, all the information is theoretical as nothing is immediately applicable. It’s like reading about swimming and how to do the different strokes, but not actually jumping in the water to try it out. Combine this with all the mixed advice from friends and family and you have a recipe for information overload! I was overwhelmed way before the baby arrived!

My advice to all the soon-to-be mothers out there is to simply trust your instincts and believe that you will eventually be able to get a hang of things. As with most things in life, it takes a bit of trial and error, some practice, and a lot of patience. You won't know everything and you will make mistakes, so please be kind and forgive yourself - your baby will be just fine. The best piece of advice that someone gave me is that the thing that matters most is love and care. Whether you follow the latest parenting trends and science-backed techniques from the internet or trust old wisdom passed down from your grandparents, your baby will grow up fine so long as you give them your time and love...oh and don't forget to have a little fun along the way :)


Jellybean having some fun and showing her dance moves

I look forward to sharing my journey with everyone. Although It's just one perspective, I hope my experiences will shed some light on the mysteries of motherhood and help all the new mothers out there feel less overwhelmed than I first did! I'm also excited to hear about your tips and tricks of the trade so I can better perfect this art called parenthood.

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