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We are just as excited as you are to fly to the Lion City to meet our September Bean Of The Month Kemuel!  He is the newest addition to a family which already has 2 boys (Kester and Kyan) and a dog named "Sausage"! Thanks to Mommy Alethia (@wethekidlees) for sharing her best motherhood tips and recommendation of her must-have items! 

 September Bean Of The Bean Kemeul and his brothers


TWB: Where are you from and can you tell us a little bit more about your family?  

@wethekidlees:Our family hails from Singapore, and we’re a family of five blessed with three boys (7, 5 and 4 months), as well as our mini dachshund, Sausage.


TWB: What is your favourite product from The Wee Bean and why?

@wethekidlees: Love the onesies! The prints are adorable and the material feels really soft and comfy. They’re really great for the humidity we often experience in Singapore. 

 September Bean of The Month in Boba Onesie


TWB: What are your must-have items that you would recommend for first time moms?

@wethekidlees: Invest in a comfortable baby carrier that meets the following needs:
- Great to wear with good support to carry baby for long walks and won’t strain your back
- Made with the right material that suits the weather of where you’re residing at and won’t be too hot to carry baby in
- Long-lasting enough to tide the years (our carrier has been with us since our first child!), as well as baby’s growing weight


TWB: What is your favourite activity with your baby?

@wethekidlees:Right now at this age, it’s simply resting him on my lap, talking to him and watching him smile and laugh along with me. Those baby laughs are too cute. They make me so happy, even when I’ve had a long tiring day with not much sleep.

September Bean Of The Month Kemuel in bunny onesie 


TWB: What are the most baby-friendly places to go in your city?

@wethekidlees: Because of our humid weather, we prefer going to shopping malls, especially ones that have clean and comfy baby-friendly facilities, like Jewel Changi Airport, ION Orchard, Vivocity, City Square and Waterway Point. But there are child and baby-friendly places too like the SEA Aquarium at Sentosa island and River Wonders.


TWB: After a long day, what’s your favourite way to unwind?

@wethekidlees:I’ll admit it: It’s on the couch watching my favourite crime documentaries on Netflix.


TWB: Your best tip/advice on motherhood?

@wethekidlees:Learn to listen and filter out “well-meaning advice" by others. You know what’s best for your own child and not everything others say will work because every baby is different. But instead of arguing back, just smile and nod and say (maybe to yourself :)) “noted with thanks”.

September Bean of The Month - Kemeul in Bakery Bun Onesie


*Bean of the Month Series* - Every month, we select a baby to feature as our Bean of the Month and this special little Bean will receive a prize of HK$50 off their next purchase.

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