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Under the summer sun we feel the warmth of those brilliant rays, of light granting us new vibrant colours, here comes our Little Sunshine, our June Bean Of The Month - Ohanna! Baby Ohanna is all wrapped up in our Bakery Bun swaddle, while looking super adorable! Our Baby bean Ohanna is almost three months old now!

We are very grateful to Mummy Orange (@ohanna.yau) for sharing her genuine motherhood tips, recommendations on some of the best baby-friendly places in Hong Kong. Keep reading to learn more about Baby Ohanna's family! 


TWB: What is your baby's name and age?  

@ohanna.yauHer name is Ohanna and she is currently 2.5 months old. 

June Bean of the Month - Ohanna


TWB: Where are you from and can you tell us a little bit more about your family?  

@ohanna.yau: Our names are Tim & Orange, we are from Hong Kong. 


TWB: What is your favourite product from The Wee Bean and why?

@ohanna.yau: We love the Fleece Milestone Blanket the most, we use it as backdrop to record Ohanna's milestone photo. Those photos taken were so cute and fun. 

Baby Ohanna with The Wee Bean Milestone Blanket


TWB: What are your must-have items that you would recommend for first time moms?

@ohanna.yauDefinitely swaddles! Besides wrapping the baby, you can also use it as nursing cover, stroller cover and napping blanket for your little one.

Baby Ohanna in Bakery Bun Swaddle


TWB: What is your favourite activity with your baby?

@ohanna.yau: We love to play the baby gym toy and do tummy time together. 


TWB: What are the most baby-friendly places to go in your city?

@ohanna.yau: Tseung Kwan O South Waterfront Promenade - you can spend a day with you baby there. Taking a walk, enjoying the sunshine & sea breeze; then having a meal at those restaurants along the seaside.


TWB: After a long day, what’s your favourite way to unwind?

@ohanna.yau: Eat some snacks and then take a hot shower to refresh my body.


TWB: Your best tip/advice on motherhood?

@ohanna.yau: Don't give yourself too much pressure, just do your best and everything will be fine. Enjoy the time with your little one and do take as many photos and videos as you can. And... remember to take a nap ;)


TWB: What is the hardest part of being a father? 

@ohanna.yau: To make sure everything is all right for my wife and daughter, I have to find a perfect balance between work & family time. Cos the feeling of not being able to provide enough to take care of the family is terrible.

Bean of the month - Ohanna's Family


TWB: What is one thing that you have done with your child but your wife wouldn’t approve of ? 

@ohanna.yau: Parenting is new to us, we're scared that we aren’t doing the right thing. So, nothing so far, I always get my wife’s approval before actions lol.



*Bean of the Month Series* - Every month, we select a baby to feature as our Bean of the Month and this special little Bean will receive a prize of HK$50 off their next purchase.

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