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Our December Bean Of The Month is from the beloved Lion City - Singapore! Baby Paris is the firstborn to parents with two adorable doggies. When we saw this 8-month-old with her "I'm a baby boss" look in her playful sunnies, we knew we had to feature her! Thanks to Mommy (@paris.yzx) for sharing her favorite products for new parents and her best tips on motherhood.

Paris in Boba onesie


TWB: Where are you from and can you tell us a little bit more about your family?  

@paris.yzx:  We are from Singapore and we are a small family with Paris being our firstborn and we have 2 adopted dogs, a Chihuahua and aPomeranian. 

 Bean of the month - Paris and her family


TWB: What is your favourite product from The Wee Bean and why?

@paris.yzx:  We love the cute rompers! They look so good on the babies and so comfortable to wear. 

Paris in boba onesie


TWB: What are your must-have items that you would recommend for first time moms?

@paris.yzx:  Personally, my must have items are Hegen milk bottles, and the Spectra electric breast pump. 


TWB: What is your favourite activity with your baby?

@paris.yzx:  Playing with her on the play mat and taking lots of pictures of her. 

Paris in bunny onesie


TWB: What are the most baby-friendly places to go in your city?

@paris.yzx:  Many places in Singapore are baby-friendly, especially all the malls and all the popular tourist spots - there are many well equipped nursing rooms. 


TWB: After a long day, what’s your favourite way to unwind?

@paris.yzx:  Watching Netflix in bed when the baby is sound asleep, with some beer or champagne!

Paris sleeping in boba onesie


TWB: Your best tip/advice on motherhood?

@paris.yzx:  Just do your best, we mothers are much stronger than we thought we are!


*Bean of the Month Series* - Every month, we select a baby to feature as our Bean of the Month and this special little Bean will receive a prize of HK$50 off their next purchase.

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